Key WordPress Plugins

There are a few plug-ins that are essential to your wordpress site. ¬†Here are the one’s I recommend and why:¬†

Google Analytics by Yoast – This plug-in will automatically install the Google Analytics code on your webpages. You just need to configure it with your site id from your Google Analytics account and you are ready to go. Also, if Google Analytics is correctly installed, you can use it to verify your site on Google Webmaster Tools as well.

WP Super Cache – WordPress is not the fastest system in the world. Google’s page ranking algorithm considers site speed, so making your site as fast as possible is important. This plug-in helps speed up your site by saving the results needed to create a page and saving (caching) a copy.

Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin – This plug-in will become more important as your site grows. It allows you to create simple URLs for you to give out to customers, that then redirect to a page with a longer and harder to explain URL. You can also use it in joint marketing efforts to add a tracking code when you refer visitors to other websites.

Are there other plug-ins you use? Let us know in the comments below.